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Acasa Utilaje agricole Remorci autoincarcatoare Remorca autoincarcatoare SP-V2x5

Remorci autoincarcatoare SP-V2x5

Harvesting of stalk crops by pressing them into giant trusses is characterized by a broad range of well-known advantages. However, the effectiveness of this method is conditioned by the operator’s capability of truss handling, especially their removal from the fields. Comparing the units’ output to its investment and running costs as well as to demands on the operator, the self-loading transporters SP - V2x4 and V2x5 offer the most effective solution to collection and loading of pressed straw, hay, and forage.

Description of functions and basic operation data:

  • The collection and loading is carried out with a fork located under the handling platform. The fork is driven under the truss which is then, within one single process, loaded onto the cargo bay. The standard fork is intended for trusses with cylinder heights of 1200 - 1400 mm and is universal as for the truss diameter.
  • The cargo bay is fitted with a shifter with hydraulic drive to push the loaded trusses into the back of the cargo bay.
  • The V2x4 transporter can be emptied by tipping the cargo bay (the trusses are lined up) or by tipping it in acute angle and pushing the trusses off the cargo bay. The V2x5 transporter can be emptied by using the shifter to push the trusses out.
  • All operation functions are controlled from the tractor cab through an electro-hydraulic system.
Model SP - V2x5
Latime vehiculului (mm) 2800
Lungime (mm) 8070
truss (m) V (H) = 120 cm a do 150 cm
Capacitate 10
Power – average loading time, measured from approach to a truss, is (s) 40
Viteza maxima (km/h) 25
Greutate totala (kg) 9420
Pohotovostní hmotnost (kg) 2320
Lungime vehiculului (mm) 2920

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